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Frequently Asked Questions

Can guests visit me in my private office?

We’d love to host your guests! Just make sure you register them with the front desk. You’ll receive a text message when your guest arrives.

What is the difference between a Open Desk, Dedicated Desk and Private Office?

An Open Desk is a shared workspace in an common area. There’s no need to book in advance; you can come and go as needed and use any available desk.

A Dedicated desk is an assigned work space in a large open area shared with other members. This dedicated space comes with a lockable filing cabinet for your personal belongings. Desktops may be set up and left overnight.

A Private Office is a fully enclosed, lockable space built for a team of 1-10 people (or more). Your company can add on more offices as you grow. Speak to your community management team about custom built spaces for teams of 12 or more!

Can I stop in or should I make an appointment?

Stop in anytime to check us out!  To book a scheduled tour, give us a call at 317-348-4338.

I’m ready to sign up! What are my payment options?

For Private Offices and Dedicated Desks, you may pay by ACH (auto withdrawal) or check. For Open Desks and 317 Membership fees, you may pay by ACH or credit card. Note that credit card payments may be subject to processing fees.

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